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More Fun On the set of Deepavali telemovie….

Fun,fun,fun and more fun….plus all the waiting…. But then,who am i to argue??Its on of the best production tt i’v worked with…All the long waits are worth it to me coz this time,my kids are involved in it together….Those memories……

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Originally posted on Halloween-Gorillaz….:
    Yesterday I acted as a Kampong boy playing marbles when My marbles rolled near to a person named Na. I was directed by the director to run to pick up the marbles.As i pick up the marbles,I must stared…

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The Boys’ Play Day

Its interesting to be place on the other side of the frame and being an onlooker for once…My boys seems to be having so much fun during the filming of their very first vvc..I on the other hand,am glad that … Continue reading

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