Time to be matured back……

Sunburn on my face !!!!!!! Aarrggghhh !!!!!! Super irritating !!!!!! Jz shows how hard it is to be working in this line sumtimes… Just the other day,i practically nearly lose my voice due to too much shouting and yet now,i’v got sunburn on the face… In the process,had to wear the headscaft for nearly 13 hrs…. Not tt I despise wearing it,its jz not my time yet…and for sure i’m not comfortable in using it at all…i’v dorn it a few times during actual funeral and shoots…but i’m still not used to it yet…And in that,i’m being honest and am telling the truth about it as a form of no hypocrisy towards my feelings wearing it….respect my decisions and views for now….Maybe one day,but definately not now….

In the mean time,these are the pictures taken from yesterday’s shoot from a local movie titled “Ah Boys To Men” by director,Jack Neo…..

After all these shootings experience tt i’v done,I do know the importanced of being versatile as a person in whole… Be it in a clubbing scene,a maid,in a funeral,a spectator or even an estranged woman….size and looks is not all tt matters…the self confidence and the hard work matters most when u wanna set urself out there…… 🙂


About miqilliahdanish

As strong as we are,sumtimes we do need a channel to express our thoughts -------- Thats why i'm here,coz i am what i am,a person who'd stay strong despite the hurdles in life.....
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