Hey….Salamat Hari Raya or Eid Mubarrak to all the muslims all over…Its been awhile since i’v even stepped into my own blog tt i almost forget my own password…..hahahaha…But nevertheless,i’m back…Hope tt everyone of u out there is enjoying the ongoing festive season ya…Talking of which,i noticed tt most Muslims are being labelled as sumone bad one way or the other…not like as if its not apparent enough…my question is,when will all those things be stop??or wud it ever??why do ppl often misjudge us for sumthing tt we’r not?We are afterall humans too…and we do carry emotions too…Amidts all the happiness of Eid Mubarrak,i’ll still see the injusticed done by media or even the societies ard abt the muslims…esp tthwe Malays in Singapore….What ever happens to the words tts been said almost daily in Singapore?? ” regardless of race, language or religion “…. Yes…its part of the Singapore pledge,but does anyone ever take the consideration of it now??I doubt so….Well…i’m not referring to the so called FTs tt has invaded or country,here i am,talking abt those True Blue Singaporean blood….Did they even forgets tt there are races tt are different from their own in this Motherland of ours??? What went wrong with the teachings???Even aft there are a lot of inter racial marrieages going on in this country and yet ppl still thinks lowly of their counterparts???

I do know tt for sum ppl,its jz not relevant enuf for them to take notice of all these little details…maybe,ur jz too bz trying to make ends meet and to pleased ur foreign bosses…Please do take awhile of ur time to ponder upon my words…if ever there is one day tt u’d gonna be driven out of ur confort zone of wealthness,the table might even be turned back to u….

Recently,i’v just sent out an invite to a fren of my fiancee in regards of the festive season of Eid Mubarrak…Like every other past years,there wud be a certain specific date tt my family wud organised a so-called ‘Open House’ in lieu of the festive season itself…This practice has been ongoing from my younger years as a toddler (as far as i cud recall) till date…Its being done so tt it’ll be very convenient for us to receive guest and to hv bonding session between families and frens…To my surprised and dismay,instead of jz accepting the invite as it is,we also recieve a weird kindda question…” Malays have open house too for their Hari Raya?” Lucky me,my fiancee was smart enuf to give him the appropriate ans..phewww…….Mind u,the person is also of a native Singaporean but of a different race than i am…but in the same time,i find tt its utterly a great dissapointment tt even our own countryman managed to be so ignorant of his own surroundings…What ever happens to equality here?Is Multi racial jz another word in the dictionary?What hv the elderly been teaching their kids over the last few decades??

No wonder we malays hv often been misunderstood as the race tt is incoherent.We are not a race who jz ‘give and give’,promiscuous,lazy or jz another species tt keeps on breeding,breeding and more breedings…..Truth is,i was raised in a family tt consisted of all the 3 main races in Singapore…i was never taught to look down upon others be it in genders,age,wealth or even race…Like part of the pledge,i hv been keeping up to it as a Singaporean…

U must hv been wondering why the big hoooo haaasss over a simple question like tt right?In order not to be seen as sumone prejudice,i’d rather keep the rest of the convo tt was told to me in heart….Its not the 1st time tt i’v heard of such remarks being made abt my race…Is it because we are so verbal in our actions or is it becaused of our religous teachings?Only God knows whats really in their hearts….Maybe,i just cant seem to digest to the words tt i’v been hearing abt my race…From the topic of having lots of babies to the topic of divorce rates,crimes and even poverty…..Trust me…after years of growing up,mingling and being frenly here in Singapore,i’v seen other races gg thru the same shits as what the malays does…but one thing tt puzzles me through and through is,why are the negative attentions being directed to the malays only….Aren’t we a good enuf race to begin with??Like the others and our country to begin with,it takes time,experience and determinations for ppl to change…If we cud accept the changes why cant we be accepted into the sociey without any prejudice? This is just an observation of mine cause i’m being forced to ponder upon these things as it always seems tt with a particular race in Singapore,the Malays are still being portrayed as ppl who are useless in their exsistance…Its very unfair as it not only at times effect us emotionally but at times,its also causes us our rightful ‘rice bowls’………..


About miqilliahdanish

As strong as we are,sumtimes we do need a channel to express our thoughts -------- Thats why i'm here,coz i am what i am,a person who'd stay strong despite the hurdles in life.....
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