Their smiles

This time round,my lil kids gets to participate in one of the shoots tt i was called for… Eventho its their first time,they did reasonably well that day…It begin so hectically from home in regards of finding the right outfits for the shoot itself. Finally we’v got everything togethr in the nick of time… Upon reaching there,i cud easily see their nervousness… For a moment there,i thot that i cud see that they are actually so into their roles that they almost seems like they’r in actual mourning mode…Hahahaha….Its a funeral scene anyway….Last but not least,i’m equally happy that they are given the opportunity to do it Finally……

Seeing their happy faces is really a big reward for me… I know thaat i’v made their day…. just hoping that this is not gonna be their first and last experience………fyi,this is for a local malaydrama that are currently aired on t.v…..make a guess ya…….


About miqilliahdanish

As strong as we are,sumtimes we do need a channel to express our thoughts -------- Thats why i'm here,coz i am what i am,a person who'd stay strong despite the hurdles in life.....
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