Egoistic Envy

Dearest Society,

Can i know when all this bullshit will stop??? Seriously,if it doesn’t stop anytime soon,i might not even wanna fight with u anymore. And in not fighting u,wud mean that,i’m not even wanna consider whats urs to be any part of me anymore….. Don’t u think tt what u’v done is far too much?? Why pressure him to the point that he hv to adhere to ur words always?U kept on making all these secret plans js so that ur beloved daughter cud hv her blissfull life… Then how abt ur other offspring then?What’s his exsistence to u then?Why are u forcing him to be ur puppet?Let him grow up…For God’s Sake…Let him be a man and live his life… Let him learn his mistakes and amend it on his own.Let him have the pleasure of being a matured adult.Give him space to think of solving his problems.With ur forceful ‘ helping hand ‘ ,how do u expect for him to move on in life aft both of u has passed on..Do not stop thinking…Please kindly utilised the abilities that God had given u for the past decades and more…He’s not a child anymore…Every human grows gracefully thru their life lessons…I bet u do too right??Otherwise,i’m sure tt u,urself wud not be able to keep ur dark secrets from ur other significant other right?

Hello mister,even in ur old age u still keep to ur dark secrets…How do expect to try and ask someone to follow ur footsteps??If ur happy with the choices tt u’v made then u wun be keeping all of ur ‘dark’ activities from ur family or ur better half…Do u want him to live life without his happiness of achievements in life tt was done from his own sweat and blood? How much longer do u want him to be dependent on u?In the first place,ur not even treating him fair in life. Everything he does is never good enough for u… But in the other hand,eveerthing ur princess does is place so high up in the pedestial… When will u learn tt she’s not perfect either?When she go thru divorce?I doubt so….coz both of u are being so diplomatic towards both of them… Its just like PAP verses WP….So political is the upbringing of ur two kids tt u’v forgotten tt even the ‘ dumb ‘  one is actually smart and has traits tt even u wud be envious of…..Not of his choices but of his freedom to choose…..


About miqilliahdanish

As strong as we are,sumtimes we do need a channel to express our thoughts -------- Thats why i'm here,coz i am what i am,a person who'd stay strong despite the hurdles in life.....
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